Problem with Bravia TV


I can’t get SWYH to work with my sony Bravia TV - the server loads and runs on the pc ok and the sound mixer shows SWYH as an output, the TV is listed under the stream to menu but the TV does not pick it up.

If I try to “pull” from the TV I can see the SWYH server and select the music folder but the TV cannot see either of the two files.

My TV is set up as a renderer and works with twonky, asset, media player etc - I wanted to use SWYH to stream spotify from the pc to the TV but it does not work in “pull” or “push” mode.

Any ideas? The TV is KDL-52EX703




Have you tested with MP3 & L16 format ?

Also SWYH work on KDL-40EX720 !

Hi yes I tried with both formats set in the server - no files show up when manually setting on the tv so I cant try either


You simply have to select the device on the computer.

The TV will change automatic.

Works on the kdl-46HX820.

Remember to turn on the media render function in the settings menu.

I am having the same problem

I have a sony bravia KDL40EX503, I can select the tv on my pc, browse to the SWYH server, select the music folder, but annoyingly neither the MP3 or PCM files are shown

Does anyone know of a solution?

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I know that you can stream Spotify music to your PC using the Spotify Converter from AudFree. It helps you save the songs for your offlinr listening. You can also play them on your other players.

To get Spotify music to your TV for listening, you need to use a third-party tool to help you alternatively. Here you could use the one from DRmare team. This tool is named Drmare Music Converter for Spotify, which is designed to convert Spotify music to MP3 and other common audio files. And then you can stream them to any other devices or platforms without any limitation. Just try it out to fix the issue for you.

If you want to play Spotify on Sony TV, you can directly install Spotify on your Bravia TV. Just search for Spotify in the app store of your Bravia TV. Then you can launch the Spotify music streaming app from your Sony TV for playing.
But this Spotify app is only available for those Spotify premium users. As a free user, you could try to use a Spotify music converter to save music to your USB. Then you can play Spotify music from USB on your Bravia TV.

Downloading Spotify offline for playing is more convenient. Maybe you can try to do that with the help of AudFun Spotify music downloader. It supports many formats for you to play Spotify music on multiple devices, including Sony TV. So it’s possible to solve the issue.

You can install the Spotify app on your Bravia TV directly, and it support to find the app from the store. That will be much easier. If you want to stream Spotify from PC to the TV, I will suggest you use the Spotify Connect to connect the TV device. But this feature is for Spotify Premium, so you need to get a subscription. You can also get Spotify music download offline on the computer at first with the AudKit Spotify Music Converter and then transfer it to a USB to use on the TV,