PC music to Sonos beam

Spend 2 full days trying to stream my EliteDesk(HP), window 10 OS to SONOS beam and failed.

Sonos came with ARC(HDMI) n optical audio adapter.
PC come with

  • Microphone and headphone jacks
  • Stereo audio line out and integrated speaker

PC is connected to Toshiba(CT-90454), there is a digital audio input.

How to stream music from PC to sonos beam?
I use SWYH, but not successful.

Step1: install SWYH
Step2: stream to SONOS beam
Step3: Tools>nothing
Step4: Setting> PCM/L16, Format: 48000Hz,16. MP3 Bitrate:320

Under SWYH, there is no “Stream What You Hear” from the PC