not streaming to Sonos



SWYH recognised my Sonos but when I try to stream nothing happens.

I run Windows 7 64 bit.

Any suggestions? Cheers!



Hi suselko,

Have you tested the PCM/L16 format from the SWYH settings?
Another user of SWYH has already reported to me that SWYH doesn't work on a Sonos ZP120. May be a problem because the audio stream has a variable bit rate (CBR).


Hi guys!

I got the app working with the Sonos Play:3 and Sonos Play:5, haven’t tested it on any other Sonos systems though. Please check this topic:

Hope this will work for you!


Well it kind of works with http streaming, but with a big dealy in sound vs. video (Youtube).

Has any gotten DLNA to work with Sonos ?




I recommend an iphone / ipad app that can play YouTube via Sonos: SonosTube.

It is the only app in Apple App Store to play YouTube via Sonos.
SonosTube can play video on your iPhone / iPad, meanwhile, play audio on your Sonos speakers.


Keep getting the message from SONOS that the file is not right codeded. Anyone managed to solve this problem?

I used the http live stream, with a specific http port. (5901, 8080).


I spent half an hour to configure SWYH to play to my Sonos. I finally made it work but it seems SWYH has problems with identifying the IP address of the PC. I needed to run ipconfig command to see what is really my IP, and then replaced the incorrect IP shown by SWYH (under Tools / HTTP Live streaming) with the correct IP. Only then the streaming started working.