Not running as an application


I’m trying to run SWYH to stream the audio from my pc to my phone to its bluetooth speakers. Decided to give SWYH a try (thanks for making this). However, the program won’t run as an app rather it will only run as a background process. So I’m unable to open it to get the audiostream link.

I’m using Windows 10 home edition x64, build 17134.


Let me see if I tested this on my Win8.1 PC and Samsung S9+ correctly… Follow this example and see if it works. I have started SWYH normally as a background process. There is a tray icon on the lower right hand side of the PC (look or hover the mouse carefully, it’s hard to spot on the PC), right-click and select “Tools” > “HTTP Live Streaming” and a window will open with the stream address. On your phone (IOS or Android) you can install the app XiiaLive to listen to the stream by entering the stream address as a favorite. I connect my Bluetooth speaker to my phone and when playing the SWYH stream on my phone using XiiaLive the music from my PC is playing on the Bluetooth speakers. This should work OK on Win10 also. Make sure your phone is connected to same network as your PC. Just tested this again on Win10 to my Samsung S9+ with XiiaLive and it works identically. The tray icon is barely visible if at all. Hover the mouse slowly and a pop up will indicate when you’re on the Stream What You Hear tray icon.


Also of value here is to give your PC a fixed IP address, rather than one that varies due to DHCP. That way your favorite in XiaaLive will stay valid.

The best way to do this is by telling your router to assign your PC’s mac address to a fixed IP address. If you can do that, then no settings changes are required on your PC.


Qboy61 thanks for helping. I didn’t realise that was how to open the HTTP stream url. However, when I try to add the stream on the app (IOS) to my favourite it says error: e-21. I don’t whether it could be because my phone and computer are connected to wifi extenders of which there are multiple all using the same name. My PC is connected to one via ethernet and my phone (obviously) by WiFi.

Thanks as well Toneplay, will get around to that.



I don’t know how the IOS version of XiiaLive looks (or works vs. the Android version) but when you enter a URL on the Favorite screen you need to give it a Name at the top. That might be the failure. Make sure you’re streaming MP3 for compatibility.


Also try the URL on other computers in VLC if you have them to confirm operation.


Qboy61, I tried streaming the link with VLC on my phone to no avail. I then turned on streaming with VLC on my phone and saw that the IP addresses were different. Guessing they’re just not on the same network or something like that.


IP addresses of your source PC and your phone should be (must be) different but characteristically the IP addresses (on home routers) only differ in the last “octet” between two devices that are correctly connected to the same network.

Like: 192.168.1. ex: (for the PC) and (for your phone). Your numbers will vary. The first three numbers (“octets”) will be usually matching between devices in the same network.

Your phone MUST be on your WiFi or wired network or you’ll have to do a lot of configurations to a router to make it work. It is best to get SWYH running between two computers if you can before you experiment with your phone.


Thanks for the help but I don’t think this is going to work me. Anyway, keep doing god’s work unknown philanthropist!