Minimize Delay



first of all nice programm just what I was searching, took me a while to find it though. It works fine with my Onkyo TX-NR414, Stream, set Receiver to input done.

Now the question, as Onkyo App for Android and the Windows Media Player seem only to have a delay of 200-500ms (0.2-0.5 secounds) it should be possible to minimize this somehow.

I was reading that they minimize the buffer or actually they don’t buffer before they send, is there an option somewhere or is it possible to modify the Programm to do so. Of course I am not sure how easy that is, but I was just wondering how to get a real live stream, at least as close as possible.

Thanks and good work



hmm aa se5 blir det ff6r mig med om cpu:n ligger pe5 hf6ga %, brkuar dock bli be4ttre om jag ste4nger av ne5gra program och ansluter strf6msladden till laptopen.Hoppas det var till ne5gon hje4lp !


It is astonishing that this is hepnaping. Sri Lanka has excellent laws against noise pollution including for political purposes and celebrations such as weddings. I’ve spoken with the police in my area of Negombo and they assure me that they take any complaints about unreasonable noise very seriously. I haven’t yet had to resort to making any such complaint myself however.