Loses contact with speaker


SWYH loses contact very often with my WiFi speaker (Sangean WFR-28). On the speaker display it shows that the play buffer is barely building up and it also shows a different bitrate (usually a lot higher) than I set in the SWYH settings.

After the connection is lost the checkmark disappears in the ‘right-click’ menu of the system tray icon. However the display on the speaker still shows the hyperlink address.

I see no such problems here on the forum. Is this a known problem or does anyone know what a solution could be?


I solved it:
I think it was the fault of my speaker. Different settings (bitrate and capture) resulted in less occuring contact loss. I now use PCM/L16, 48000 Hz 16 bit stereo with 192 kbps bitrate. Now the playback buffer fills up as normal and the contact stays.