Lag of stream

First of all: I love this program, was seearching for it for a long time and I am very happy with it.

The only thing I realize is the 2-3s lag between the PC audio and the stream. Like this I cannot use it during movies, only for music.

Any idea what could help to reduce this lag?

I am using a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Laptop, n-WLAN and Denon DNP720 Networkplayer.

Thanks a lot for any help!!!

Just use VLC media player. You can use the audio delay function to sync the video with the audio. Depending on the devices you have (router, WIFI type, etc) and the distance between the device you will notice that the delay will be more or less the same each time you will stream. I use it all the time and is works great!

Hope it helps a bit.

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OK, I will try this. Good that VLC alows to play streams as well. Because normally I watch off the internet, not from local storage.


I have same problem with onkyo 807, delay about 7-8 secs when i stream music from spotify.

Lokking for advice to minimize that, even 2-3 sec will be great

After trying a lot i found out how to stream best quality to my onkyo trx 309 with 2 seconds delay. Install first SWHY and set it up to PCM 44.1, so the reciever has just to pass trough without decoding. Connect it with your DLNA client - here a SmartTV and your done!
For movies i just use HDMI Cable with ffdshow works like a charm. I can recommend fidedify with wasapi for spotify, if your connected via HDMI. Its a great improvement!

I love spotify!

I usually use a Spotify converter to help you get music on my laptop and then stream to my Onkyo receiver for offline playback. No lagging problem this way.

Have a try to use a professional Spotify Downloader to download Spotify songs locally and then stream Spotify music to see whether it can reduce the lag.
By the way, you can also use VLC media player to stream and sync videos with the audios. It works well for me.

I also recommend the VLC media player. I use it to play the Spotify MP3 songs that downloaded by the AudKit Spotify MP3 Downloader. I don’t notice any delay.

Hi Felix. Maybe you can use a Spotify music converter. I am sure this tool can help you! A Spotify downloader and VLC are worth trying, too.

For smooth playback, you could use AudFun spotify music converter to convert Spotify tracks to common format like mp3, flac, etc. then import these files to any player or device! :laughing:

To get a better listening experience, you may try TunesMake Amazon Music Downloader. It can download amazon music with lossless quality, and then you can transfer the converted music to your device.