Issue with streamwhatyouhear on a Roberts Stream 205 Radio


I got given a Roberts Stream 205 radio for my birthday and it does seem a very good product.

I want to implement a wireless stream of audio from my laptop (not all my audio is via mediaplayer) i.e. a wireless phono lead. I was excited when I came across this software as it seemed to offer just that.

It so nearly works in that the radio sees the stream, it also manages to play a second of audio before the radio soft restarts completely. This to me suggests a bug with the radios handling of the stream.

I’ve just tried emailing Roberts and asked for their advice, I’ve offered to act as an in-between if streamwhatyouhear needs to be modified to make it work with the radio. Also I cant find a way to specify a http stream on the radio so can’t try that way.

Has anyone actually got this software working with a Stream 205 radio if so what were the tricks?

Many thanks,

Chris Dunne


I’ve just read other posts and tried ‘push’ mode, the radio is detected and when selecting it the radio switches to ‘DMR’ and displays a URL for the MP3 stream along with ‘playback buffer’ then a blank rectangle. The audio is still not heard, I’ve opened the volume mixer and the level bar is detecting audio is going to the streamwhatyouhear ‘card’




It doesn’t seem from the other posts that this project is currently active is this the case? Anyway, I persevered and did get it to play (via the ‘push’ mode) for about 1 minute. This proves it is so nearly there which is annoying. Unless I hear back soon I’ll have to investigate other alternatives but it looks like you need to pay for them unless anyone can recommend free software that works.


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