Is the project alive?


The last Version is from 2012. Are there any new developments?


Well, a couple of months ago the developer replied to several messages about crashes. He wrote that it will be addressed in version 1.4. Haven’t heard anything since. I’m hoping that he is still developing SWYH because it’s an awesome program and It’ll be a real loss if it’s discontinued…

Perhaps the developer would be so nice as to reply and give us an update on progress or discontinuation? Thanks in advance.


Hello all,

I have trouble finding time for this project but I will make an important announcement early May.

See you soon,


Thank you for taking the time to reply so quickly! Of course, we realize that there is a thing called ‘real life’. I get caught up in it quite regularly! =P I hope for some ‘good’ important news indeed! =)


Thanks for Your answers. I will continue looking for a new Version …


So, early may came and went,… What and where is the news? =)



L’enregistrement en mp3 est toujours en 192 Kbits bien que les settings soient à 320 K/bits. Est ce une limitation du mp3 ou une erreur de ma part ?