How to Download Amazon Music Songs to MP3 Player

Nowadays, an increasing number of people listen to songs on their phones for convenience. However, some people, like music enthusiasts, prefer to enjoy music on an MP3 player. Because MP3 player provides better audio quality than phones. When it comes to high-quality audio, we have to mention Amazon Music.

Amazon Music Unlimited gives listeners access to 100 million songs in HD and millions of songs in UHD, but only Amazon devices support playing these songs offline. If these Amazon Music songs can be played on MP3 players, you can enjoy music better, but how to do it? The following content will tell you two methods to download these Amazon Music songs to local files and transfer them to MP3 players for offline playback.

Method 1: Purchase Songs from Amazon’s Digital Music Store
Method 2: Download Amazon Music Songs as MP3 Files with AudiFab
Transfer the Downloaded Amazon Music Songs to MP3 Player

More details on here: How to Download Amazon Music Songs to MP3 Player | AudiFab

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I used AudFree Amazon Music Downloader to download Amazon Music Songs to MP3/FLAC/WAV/AAC, etc. for offline listening on MP3 player or offline use on other device/app.

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Yes, due to the DRM of Amazon Music songs, you will not have the authority to move Amazon Music to other devices for playing, even if the MP3 player supports the Amazon Music app. You neither choose to buy Amazon Music MP3 files on its website nor download Amazon Music songs thanks to Amazon Music Downloader. It allows you to download playlists from Amazon Music to multiple formats not only MP3. After that, you will feel free to transfer and stream Amazon Music on MP3 player or wherever you wish.