How to DJ with Apple Music

I’ve tried many DJ apps both on my PC and Mac, but none of them works with Apple Music. Do I have to download the songs with a converter like TunesKit Audio Converter?

I’ve tried TunesBank Apple Music Converter to DJ a party, it did a great job. It’s a desktop app for Mac and Windows. It helps me convert my Apple Music playlist to MP3 format and save them on my hard drive. After that, I can use these Apple Music MP3 songs to DJ a party. You can have a try.

You Can try free music to try Musconvtool and Transfer your playlists, albums.

You could download songs with DRmare Audio Converter and then put the songs to DJ apps you like for DJing.

All songs from Apple Music exist in the format of AAC files. As they’re protected by a special kind of DRM, you are not able to DJ with Apple music directly. but you can try to break the DRM from Apple Music and convert Apple Music songs to MP3 by using Tunelf Apple Music Converter then import to DJ app.

Yes, you must have the aid of a professional Apple Music Converter to successfully DJ with Apple Music, as all Apple Music content is applied for FairPlay copy protection, which makes Apple Music playable on the Apple Music app and iTunes only even if you are a paid subscriber.

Yeah, I prefer to use an Apple Music Converter to get MP3 files first. Then I can easily DJ with Apple Music. It would be a great option to get Apple Music on DJ programs with this tool.

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