How to Connect Apple Music to Discord

Apple Music does not cooperate with Discord. But I find a method to solve this problem. It is to download Apple Music to MP3 with an Apple Music to MP3 converter. Here is how to do:

  1. Go to an Apple Music converter and import the Apple Music songs to it.

  2. Choose the format for your songs and click the Convert button.

  3. After the songs are converted to MP3(or others), load them to Discord.
    Source: Connect Apple Music to Discord

If you want to connect Apple Music to Discord, try to transfer the music to Spotify. The Discord app doesn’t support Apple Music but Spotify. You can download music from Apple Music by the tool - DRmare Audio Converter. Then you can transfer them to Spotify for playing on Discord by connecting both apps.

Thanks for sharing!
I used AudFree Apple Music Converter to connect Apple Music to Discord. Also works great!

Easy to use! :grin: