high CPU and memory usage (when not streaming), Win 8.1, possibly sleep-related



thanks for the program!

It seemed to work fine, however I have just noticed on a laptop that’s left on for days with occasional sleeps/wakeups that it starts to consume a lot of CPU and a few hundred megs of memory, even though it is not streaming anything… If left like this, it eventually brings the whole PC down.

It’s a Lenovo laptop with built-in realtek sound, windows 8.1, nothing too special installed - used to stream to a Sonos device.

Any ideas why it can happen?

Also, it would be nice if it had an option to install as a service for all users of a PC.

Thanks a lot,





Same problem here on a Shuttle PC with Windows 7.


I hope to fix it for the 1.4.


The high CPU utilization when not streaming is a blocker for me also. If this could be solved and if the software could run as a service, this would be the ideal software for streaming audio to a DLNA network device.