FLAC Streaming Quality ?

Hello Sebastien! Hi Guys!

Thank you for this wonderful application, I’m just beginning to try it and I’m receiving audio on my Android devices, which was the objective.

I have a question about audio quality: Are there any plans to develop the application for lossless audio transmission?

I have a Tidal subscription which allows me to play “Masters” at 96Khz 24bit but only from my desktop application, as they don’t have it available for the phone or tablet.

The idea is to stream from the desktop at this high sampling rate and depth. Any plans for this in the future?

Thank you!

I got the same idea. It couldn’t be better if this app can directly load Tidal Master on the phone. Now I have had to download Tidal Master songs as local FLAC via using the Tidal converter then import to my phone and tablet for listening. This workaround works well but still need to spend much time on downloading the Tidal Master tracks.

I get the tidal music through the subscription and save the songs. With the assistance of the Tidal Downloader Mac, I can save tidal FLAC files and 24 bit and 96000Hz for the converted files. The output Tidal songs are great in quality. hope it can help you.

Tidal offers different services to its subscribers according to the subscription plans. If you are a free user, you are only able to enjoy music on Tidal with low quality. Besides, there is a limitation on the version of Tidal. However, I just download Tidal music to FLAC and customize the bit rate and sample rate using TunesKit.