Feature request: Choose audio device to stream FROM


I LOVE SWYH, and I use its HTTP live streaming, all the time, to stream to my Chromecasts Audio all around the house, in sync everywhere!

My current use of it is a bit cumbersome, however.

I like to use my computer, including its sound card, while using SWYH to send music to my Chromecasts Audio. For instance, I might play a YouTube video on the computer while SWYH is sending my music player’s output to the Chromecasts.

I do this by using this virtual audio device: https://www.vb-audio.com/Cable/index.htm

With that audio device installed, I can switch my audio output to it before starting SWYH. Then after starting SWYH, I switch my audio device back to my PC’s speakers.

Then I start my music player and tell it to play audio through the virtual audio device. So SWYH picks up the audio from my player, while my PC can still use its own speakers for other things.

This dance of switching my audio device before starting SWYH and then switching it back is something I’d like to avoid. I’d like to have some way to tell SWYH, in advance of starting up, what audio device it should monitor when it starts up.

Perhaps, on startup, SWYH could tell me what audio device it is listening to, rather than just assuming I want it to listen to the active one. It would be even better if it would let me choose what audio device to monitor. But I’d settle for having to edit a text file that would be used to tell SWYH what audio device to use.

If anybody out there knows how to achieve this awesomeness, I’d be very grateful!