Does not work with Philips HTB3550g



tried to use it with a Philips HTB3550g Home Entertainment System,
but didn’t work with the error unknown audioformat for pcm and mp3 encoding.

Tried to downpin it a little bit
First thing recognized is, that whatever stream you chose on the device SWYH tries to return the MP3 stream,
removed then the if statement and forced the use of pcm but no success either.

A mp3 first recorded with SWYH plays just fine on the device. So actually the mp3 format encoding should work maybe some issues with the dlna part then?
The device wasn’t capable to access the meta information of the stream encoded in the didle-lite tag either.

If I interprete the source code correctly there should be aswell a directory structure but the device only finds the music files directly.

Unfortunatley I don’t know much about dlna programming. Any idea or proposal at which part of the source to look for a solution would be greate :wink:

Best Stefan