Different DLNA \'tiers\'/\'profiles\'?


I have a DENON CD player (DN-700C) which supports DLNA.

The CD player works fine with DLNA servers that simply expose media files as lists (such as the PS3 Media Server) so it does have some DLNA support and my network connection is fine. It also plays those files exposed by PS3 Media server just fine.

However, I wasn’t able to get SWYH to work with it, the CD player sees SWYH as a server, but when I choose SWYH it will say ‘loading…’ then it will fail after a while. (For PS3 Media Server it will also say ‘loading…’ but will show the media files after a while).

I tried both MP3 and PCM, neither works.

Does this mean that SWYH is using a different ‘tier’ or ‘profile’ than PS3 Media server (and the DENON CD player)? Namely if the player is always expecting a list of media files (kind of like a FTP to me) then it can’t use the live streaming of SWYH?