Connect to the same DLNA device at restart

Is there a way to have SWYH connect to the same device each time it starts?

swyh-rs (, a SWYH alternative, can do this, provided it supports your device. If “reconnect at startup” is set, it will try to start streaming to all devices that were active the last time you shut it down.

Hi @dheijl, I tried this (as it drives me crazy having UPnP controllers that don’t support reconnecting to the same renderer) but it doesn’t seem to work with RopieeeXL, where SWYH does work. It shows up in the list of renderers, says it is starting, then says it’s stopped a couple of seconds later. I think I have reliability problems with Ropieee, but in the UPnP world it is always difficult to be sure where the problem is.

Sometimes experimenting with the “WAV format” and “disable chunked” transfer options will make it work. For instance with Volumio chunked transfer or not does not matter, but WAV format is not recognized. But I know nothing about RopieeeXL…
Also, unlike SWYH, swyh-rs can not transcode the audio to MP3 format.
Do you have OpenHome enabled in RopieeeXL?

I think this is it. SWYH doesn’t work with RopieeeXL with PCM, only MP3.

Ropieee is like a Volumio-lite for the Raspberry Pi. The plain version is for Roon, the XL version is non-Roon (DLNA, AirPlay, etc).

I also use BubbleUPnPServer to get OpenHome support regardless of renderer.