Can no longer stream to Xbox

It seems there was an update to the Groove music app and SWYH is no longer functioning with my Xbox. I’ve had similar issues in the past but a restart of the console and/or my PC would always fix the problem.

I’m running the latest version of SWYH (1.5.0). My xbox is detected when I select the “stream to” option, and it does seem to momentarily connect as the Groove music app will automatically open on my Xbox. But no audio is ever streamed and within a few seconds the connection to the console is lost (checkmark disappears).

I noticed the Groove app may have had a major overhaul as it seems to look a lot different now, I figure this probably has something to do with it as everything was working fine for me yesterday and I haven’t changed any settings.

Anyone else having the same problem or is it just me?


Yes, I have the same problem. I don’t think that we are the only ones…

And somehow I don’t have the feeling that this will change. I don’t believe that SWYH will fix the problem…

Did you maybe found a solution?


Unfortunately not. I have noticed that the new Groove app seems very unfinished. If you go into the settings, under libraries it looks like you should be able to add a folder. There is a button for it, but no way of actually clicking the button (brilliant work, MS) I was expecting them to have rolled out another update since the app seems to be very limited in functionality but it’s been about 2 weeks now and still nothing.

I’ve tried a few other ways to stream content from my PC to Xbox (casting and VLC for xbox app) and those haven’t worked either. Hoping things change soon, I really miss my custom background music.


Well, would surprise me if you would have found a solution. I also really really miss my own background music. I miss it so much, that I even don’t play anymore. I don’t want to hear the same music again and again and without music it’s too boring.

You’re writing that the new version seems unfinished. Well, in comparison with the old version it’s much more detailed and so on. But why I have written that I have the feeling that it won’t change are a few reasons:
I play xbox already a long time. I also have had the xbox360 console and already there I tried very often to play custom music somehow. And every time when I have found a solution, it lasted not very long and after a update from MS it hasn’t worked anymore. I don’t think that this is a coincidence. I think MS is closing intentionally the possibilities to hear other Music than their payable music or the music which is delivered with the games (Rights of use and such a BS).

And if you look at SWYH, than you see that they aren’t changing often their versions. So I don’t think that they are interested to fix this problem.

Annotation to SWYH: Prove me that I am wrong…


Yeah this is a major blow to the platform imo. Seems MS has fully patched out the ability for us to use SWYH to stream background music while playing. Such a shame, but I don’t think there are enough of us out there anymore that MS really cares. I don’t think the SWYH dev can do anything about it either. Really the end of an era, sigh.

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I’m experiencing the same thing and have signed up to the forums here so I could post and keep track of any updates to this issue. Hoping this gets fixed!

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Well, it’s not quite the same as streaming, but I have discovered something of a work-around. It may or may not be possible depending on your setup…

I have my Xbox connected to a Dell S2721DGF monitor. I’ve connected a 3.5mm aux cable from the audio-out on the monitor into the Line-In of my computer. Then in Windows 10, went into the Sound Settings and under “Line-In Properties”, checked the “Listen to this device” box. This allows you to mix your Xbox and Computer audio. Simply plug your headphones into your PC or use your PC speakers and you should get both Xbox and PC audio at the same time.

Having to run a cable is kind of annoying, and you won’t be able to chat in parties and listen to your PC music at the same time, but it’s the best I’ve been able to come up with.