Bad audio resolved!


Hey all. New user here.

I had problems with the audio streamed being really flat and without any bottom at all. After some fiddling I realized that when plugging in headphones, the quality was immediately much better. This led me to the conclusion that the problem was not the receiver, streaming or SWYH. Being on a laptop, my rightful suspect was the proprietary sound drivers that appear to be doing some heavy duty mangling whenever sound is played through the built in speakers. I did what I could with the SoundMax “enhancements” but was still not satisfied with the sound, also realizing that the sound was pretty off in my headphones, I decided to remove the SoundMax drivers and see if Windows would pick up some generic drivers from Microsoft. A reboot later, new drivers installed and woah! Full quality stream!

tl;dr If the streamed sound is flat, off or plain bad - Try uninstalling the sound drivers and let Windows install generic ones from Microsoft instead.

Thanks for making SWYH!