Advise us on an equivalent of SWYH for MacOS to stream on Sonos please




Any chance you could advise us MacOS users -who are not IT experts- which software will work like SWYH for Sonos? From MacOS to Sonos. Sonos claims no responsibility for updating the API’s for the music partnerships they have so apps like Stitcher and TuneIn at times are best to play directly from a computer; the same for Rhapsody Unradio (unavail without premium account in Sonos but free for T-Mobile clients) or on-demand shows from BBC’s i-Player. Sonos is great but not perfect, thus my question. Something like SWYH for the Apple world.

…are you planning on producing one?

No $ to buy an Airport Express to hook up to my Sonos Connect (I have two Sonos Player 1 as well).

Thanks for your time,



Not as easy as a packaged app (install/run via terminal) but seems to work:
Scroll to the end for the easiest instructions.